Providers of IVR services since 1989. What that means for you is that we likely have some off the shelf technology that can plug-in to your voice application. Hence, your program will be created quicker and cheaper.
Consultants who will recommend the best way, not our most convenient way, for your customers to help themselves with the self-service tools they need to help you save money and improve your relationship with your customers.
Service is what you’ve come to expect from Advanced Telecom Services over our four decades of providing audiotext and telemedia services. We’re old school. We actually answer our phones when you call!
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Interactive Voice Response - IVR

An interactive voice response (IVR) solution will allow you to utilize technology to reduce your labor and staffing costs and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

800 Numbers

Toll free 800 numbers for consumer information, class action lawsuit administration, surveys, polls, pin generation, sweepstakes, contests, coupons, public awareness campaigns, customer service, and more.

Local Area Code Numbers

Think Global, Act Local. The only way to do that is to have a local area code for each of your service areas. You can obtain all area code numbers from all over North America to give you that local edge, even if you don't have an office there.


The quickest and most efficient way to notify your clients or prospects on your opt-in list is with automated, outbound robocalls. Perfect for political candidates!

Ringless Voicemail

It's the hottest new product in IVR, because it works! We have a 95% retention rate for customers. With our ringless voicemail, you can leave a message on a customer's voicemail without ever ringing the phone!

SMS Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing is the workhorse of mobile marketing. Receive interactive text messages from prospects, have them opt-in to your database, then send them broadcast text messages to keep your brand in front of them on their most personal of devices.

MMS Mobile Messaging

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) enables you to market your business by sending images, video and audio to customers via mobile messaging. Great for fashion and restaurants where a visual message is important!

Text to Landline

That tired old business landline of yours is getting text messages from more than just millennials. These are missed opportunities if you don't receive them. Text to Landline text-enables your landline phone to capture more leads.

Web Development

With our recent acquisition of Hawaii-based Rocky Point Media, we've bolstered our web design and development team to help you create a revenue generating, mobile-first website for your business.

Apps Development

Creating an app is much more difficult than developing a website. Plus, you probably don't have the same level of expertise in-house to monitor it. With ATS, the person you speak with is the person in charge of doing your work. That means seamless communication with an American resident.

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