New 855 Toll Free Exchange to Debut

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Beginning October 1, 2010, the new 855 toll free exchange will debut in the United States.

Advanced Telecom Services is now taking orders for toll free numbers utilizing the 855 exchange. If you are seeking a vanity number for your business, now is the time to reserve the best toll free vanity numbers before they are all gobbled up.

Toll free 800 numbers are the original numbers that flourished in the 1980’s, as businesses added them to their customer service and advertising.  During the decades of the 1980’s and 1990’s, it seemed as though every major corporation was adding an 800 number for customer service or automated consumer information.

An 800 number gave a small business the image of being much bigger and when small businesses got involved in the toll free craze, it wasn’t long before there were no 800 numbers left.  Hence, 888 numbers, then 877 numbers, and then 866 numbers were introduced.  This temporarily satisfied the business need for toll free numbers until recently.

Now, with the toll free business continuing to expand with cheaper telephone rates, there is need to introduce the 855 exchange.  Don’t worry, however, when we are out of 855 numbers, its brothers 844, 833, and 822 are waiting in the on-deck circle.

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