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Advanced Telecom Services will be a sponsor of the 2009 Telemedia 360 event to be held in Liverpool on October 20-21.  Members of the Advanced Telecom staff from the USA, Canada, and UK offices will be attending and displaying products at the event.


Liverpool, England — Rupert Murdoch’s pronouncement that News International is to charge for online content has, overnight, totally reshaped the media and telemedia industries. While ad revenues have plummeted across media outlets and

money making opportunities for telemedia have contracted, these two industries that have such a history together are now, once again, finding that they can work together to great mutual benefit.

For telemedia holds the key to unlocking the hitherto impossible task of monetising the free; billing the unbillable – and in doing so will unlock a whole new world of revenue opportunities for both the media and the telemedia sectors. Now that’s what we call synergy. And giving life to this synergy Telemedia360 in Liverpool is the event that has the express aim of demonstrating to the media and content owners – be they print, broadcast, marketing, branding, online or mobile – just how, using cross platform technology, innovative billing techniques and good old fashioned marketing, free content can be made into something that consumers will pay for, will enjoy paying for and will continue to pay for.

The event brings together media companies, network operators, service providers, billing experts, trade associations and regulators to discuss, in a dynamic, interactive one-day forum how to reshape the media landscape to monetise free content cross platform and how to generate traffic for these premium content services.

Working in conjunction with the International News Media Association (INMA) and the Online Publishing Association (OPA), Telemedia360 – a sister brand of Telemedia magazine – brings a wealth of industry expertise to bear in this must attend event.telemedia

Advanced Telecom Services will be a sponsor of the 2009 Telemedia 360 Show in Liverpool

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