App Development: Web & App Design

App Development

App Development

App Development: Turning Your App Idea Into a Business

A custom app can put your company’s brand messages, advertising, and promotions in your customers’ pockets. Let our designers help make your dream app a reality.

Strategize, Design, Develop, Promote

After we understand your goals, we’ll work with you to create an engaging concept and decide whether your app should be native, mobile-web, or hybrid. We’ll make sure you understand exactly what your deliverable will do.

Made in North America… or Not

Most of the apps that we develop are created in our offices with our developers in the USA and Canada. Keeping the process in-house creates a far easier working environment in the design phase, because you’re dealing with developers who easily understand what you need and why you need it.

That being said, we aren’t afraid to offshore app development if cost savings are the major determining factor. Over the years, our app product managers have developed apps in South Africa, India, and Bangladesh. No problem.

Specialists in Large Database Mobile Applications

There are a lot of app designers out there, but if you’re looking for our specialty, it’s large database applications. A large database mobile app can’t live in isolation – it has to constantly extract data from your external sources or in the cloud. That’s where we shine brightest.

Your custom app is just weeks away. Send us a note to get started now.

Web Development

Web Development

Responsive Web Design: One Site, All Devices

61% of consumers will leave your website for a competitor’s if it doesn’t provide a positive mobile experience. Your audience’s first impression of your brand might be through their computer, tablet, or phone – and your website’s design and user experience need to be consistent and effective on each of these very different devices. Providing a website that works on any screen size will keep customers engaged.
The huge spectrum of screen sizes and resolutions broadens every day. With responsive design (or adaptive design for more complex sites), you can create one site that is automatically optimized on all devices, without stripping out information – the design simply changes based on the screen size, thus offering the best possible mobile user experience.

A responsive design…

  • ○  Works on all devices automatically.
  • ○  Doesn’t require extra graphics or content.
  • ○  Hosts all information in one place.
  • ○  Ships changes to all versions of the site.
  • ○  Is easy to share and forward on social media.
  • ○  Offers a consolidated SEO strategy.
  • ○  Provides a consistent user experience.If you aren’t already running a mobile site, you should be! With a beautiful responsive design created by our great team of developers, you’ll become mobile-optimized and get a revised desktop website at the same time.