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IVR Services


IVR: Right Information, Right Time

Every phone call to your business or brand is a chance to improve your relationship with the customer. We’ll see to it that it happens with powerful omnichannel IVR services that provide faster, more efficient responses that lower your inquiry costs.

At Advanced Telecom Services, IVR systems are our specialty. We have been processing automated, inbound, and outbound IVR phone calls since 1989. Since then, we’ve developed software to do almost any kind of automated IVR call processing imaginable. Now, in our fourth decade of development, we continue to reinvent the Interactive Voice Response business with innovative IVR services for our customers.

At ATS, we take Murphy’s Law very seriously.  Things go wrong, even with the best of equipment and processes. The difference is that with ATS, things will go wrong and you’ll never know it. That’s because each of Advanced Telecom Services’ facilities is triple-redundant in terms of carriers, IVR equipment, and power sources. What that means for you is that when things do inevitably go wrong, your customer calls will proceed as normal.

By using our automated call processing solution, you will benefit from significant cost savings in both labor and staffing, because computers do the work instead of humans. Our equipment is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. And, the equipment never calls in sick or asks for raises!

Best of all, you’ll save time and money by reducing live agent calls; your customers will get better service.

800 Numbers

800 Numbers

Help Your Customers Help Themselves

Since 1989, ATS has been a leading provider of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) toll free 800 number services. We have developed a wide range of programming capabilities to meet the needs of our advertising agencies, media, pharmaceutical, and consumer product companies that use our interactive 800 number services.

ATS offers its customers the ability to use IVR in conjunction with live agents, as an overflow option, or on a stand-alone basis. We also provide automated billing options for your 800 number program; these include accepting credit cards through our PAYGO (Pay As You Go) automated credit card processing system or sales via Block-Of-Time.

We’ve established 800 numbers with many major advertising agencies and consumer product companies and have provided numerous 800 number IVR services involving sweepstakes and major television programs. Concerned about capacity? We even ran an 800 number for “The King of Pop” Michael Jackson during halftime of the Super Bowl and processed all of the calls without any busies!

At ATS, we have both the technical know-how and almost 30 years of experience in the 800 number IVR call processing industry to properly assist you with your program needs. Our team will work with your company to design, develop, and implement your service in order that it meets or exceeds your expectations. Furthermore, our account management personnel will evaluate your 800 number services and its performance on an ongoing basis to ensure the maximum return on your advertising ROI.

We also have our own transcription services so that if you need your voice capture files converted from voice to printed name and address, we have the ability to get that done. We will get the records out to your fulfillment house if direct mail is being sent.

Specific 800 number areas of specialization for us are:

  • Surveys and polling
  • PIN generation/verification
  • Dealer Locator
  • Lead Generation and Capture
  • Sweepstakes and Contests
  • Coupons and Sampling
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • IVR Payment Processing
  • Literature Fulfillment
  • Product Information
  • Spanish Programs (we even have Spanish speaking employees in-house)
  • Pharmaceutical Programs
  • Class Action Lawsuit Administration


By partnering with us, you will be provided with a full featured end to end customer contact experience that allows you to automate routine calls while reserving your live agents for higher value, more complex issues. Faster and more efficient IVR services for your customers. Cost savings for your business.

Local Numbers

Local Numbers

Think Global, Act Local

Let’s face it. Customers prefer dealing with a local company. And, nothing says you are local more than having a phone number for each area code where you do business.
Having a local area code number can give your business added credibility and recognition with a particular market. You pick the area code for the area where you are doing business. You can have this number forwarded to your main office, mobile or landline phone.
It’s simple. It’s easy. And, it will result in improved sales. Immediately.


Automate Routine Calls

Robocalls are automated, outbound messages that deliver telemarketing messages typically on behalf of companies or political candidates.

One of the many forms of automated, outbound calls Advanced Telephone Services works with is political robocalls. Political candidates can get out the vote (GOTV) with political robocalls which are especially effective on the day of and the days leading up to the elections.

While political robocalls are exempt from the United States National Do Not Call Registry, calls to cell phones are prohibited from auto-dialers. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) regulates the automated calls from political candidates by requiring that all pre-recorded messages identify the party initiating the calls and also requires a contact where the sponsor of the calls may be reached. Some states also have laws that regulate or prohibit political robocalls.
ATS’ automated outbound voice broadcast service allows you to instantly send hundreds of simultaneous calls to constituent voters. These calls will get out the vote and get your candidate’s message to the voters

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless Voicemail

Direct to Voicemail: Sales Powerhouse

Voicemail Direct technology is a great tool for delivering messages to consumers or prospects without annoying interruptions.
Now, Advanced Telecom Services has made the annoying automated, outbound, telemarketing call a thing of the past with Voicemail Direct. This innovative new IVR technology enables your business to leave a message on the phone of your customer or prospect without ever ringing the phone!
There are numerous reasons why you’d select Voicemail Direct over other forms of outbound telemarketing or robocalls:
    • No irritating interruptions
    • The recipient listens to the message when it is convenient
    • You are more likely to get the message through to the person you want it to reach
    • Multiple people may hear the message
    • Standard messaging so no human error on the message
    • Professionally produced messages are available
    • Provides multiple frequencies when coupled with text message marketing and other forms of outbound marketing
    • Eliminates cold calling


Best of all, your customer or prospect will never know that you are using an automated system since their phone never rings. That’s why most of our customers use a casual message that mimics an actual human making an outbound phone call and reaching a voice mail.

How Do We Do It?

Voicemail Direct is not a traditional phone call. Since it’s not a traditional phone call, it may be exempt from telemarketing laws, although we do always encourage you to get an opt-in from your customers prior to sending them any message. Consult your own attorney for advice.

The success rate with reaching mobile phones with Voicemail Direct is over 85%. In some cases, it may not work as you had intended, only because the recipient hasn’t properly set up his/her voicemail on the mobile. For landlines, and especially business landlines, the success rate is considerably less because of the extensions required on office landlines.  Home landlines do not work on the old copper phone lines, but will usually work on VOIP lines such as those provided by your local cable company.

Perfect for Sales Prospecting

Voicemail Direct is a salesperson’s best friend. Since most sales calls end up on voicemail anyway, direct to voicemail is a way to leave a message for your customer or prospect without the monotony and hard work of calling them all individually! Moreover, since your message is recorded, the salesperson is not fatigued and can be at her best on every message you provide.

Do the Math

Cold calls have a 6.3% rate of the salesperson engaging in a conversation with the prospect. (Source – Inside Sales, 2018) Let’s assume a salesperson, earning $30 per hour, can make 20 calls per hour. Only 1.3 of those calls per hour will generate a conversation and the cost to the business is $30.00.

Now, consider using Voicemail Direct at 10 cents per successful call. Remember, you only pay for voicemails that are left successfully. No Waste! For that same $30, you will have left 300 voicemails on the phones of consumers!

What would you rather have? One conversation plus 19 voicemails or 300 voicemails for your business?