Messaging: SMS - MMS - Text to Landline



SMS Text Message Marketing: The Workhorse of Mobile Marketing

97% of text messages are read (vs just 27% of emails), making text message marketing the most effective mobile strategy you can adopt. SMS text message marketing blends seamlessly with your email marketing and promotional strategies, and allows you to reach the customers that are most likely to purchase.

When some people think of text message marketing, they imagine spamming their messages to a huge list of purchased phone numbers. In contrary to that idea, recent government regulations mandate that customers give verifiable, opt- in consent to receive the messages, usually through sending a short code (eg. “text ‘results’ to 84444; msg & data rates apply).

While it may initially sound daunting, acquiring an opt-in database ensures a great ROI – because your consumers want to receive your messages! You’ll be able to send messages to thousands of customers who are excited about your information and promotions.

DIY or We’ll Take Care of It!

Our mobile marketing consultants can provide the creative team, database management, and results analysis for you, completely managing your mobile messaging strategy and driving bottom-line, verifiable results to your business.

Or, if you prefer to do it yourself, you can use our 84444 text message marketing site.

SMS Text Message Marketing via a shortcode is the pillar that holds up the mobile marketing building. It blends seamlessly with your email marketing and will likely be far more productive. If you can only afford to do one thing in marketing to customers via mobile, it should be SMS text message marketing.



MMS: Image, Video, or Voice Messages

When simple words can’t say enough about your product, consider MMS services for your product. MMS messages (Multimedia Messaging Service) give you the ability to send pictures, video, and audio via a text message. MMS messages are more expensive than standard SMS and they aren’t for everyone, but if you want to provide something different to your normal text message services, sending a picture just might be the ticket to increased sales.

Because of the potential for abuse, we won’t provide you with a do-it-yourself service like we do for text messaging; instead, we’ll set up the campaigns for you. You can use MMS as:

  • Broadcast MMS to your opt-in subscribers
  • Interactive inbound MMS messages where the consumer sends a picture to the short code
  • Responsive MMS messages – Text us a keyword and we’ll respond with a picture, video, or audio reply message

Multimedia Text Messages

When words just can’t say enough about your product, the Multimedia Messaging Service through ATS can help you send audio, pictures, or even video to your opt-in customers.

Let’s say you’re a clothing retailer. Wouldn’t it make sense to show off your newly-arrived fashion in a picture message? Or that you want to attract more people to your comedy or music performance – send an audio clip so they can preview the great show. Maybe you’re a bakery, and you want to remind your customers of your delicious donuts with a video showing them coming fresh out of the oven. MMS can help you appeal to your audience’s eyes and ears – the only thing we can’t send is the smell.

MMS text messages allow you to send a photo to thousands of opt-in customers’ phones. Picture what that can do for your sales.

Text to Landline

Text To Landline

Make Your Business Landline Receive Texts

Chances are, your potential customers are already texting your company’s landline – and you’d have no way to know it. Text to Landline can help you stay on top of your communication with customers and avoid lost business.

Giving customers the opportunity to text your landline number helps you gain new sales, improve customer service by providing convenience and flexiblity, and minimize your company’s liability.

How Does Text to Landline Work?

Your existing home or office landline can’t actually recieve texts – instead, when a customer texts you, the message will show up on your computer or tablet, and you can respond there. The process will be as smooth as if they were texting your mobile phone.

All we need to get your Text to Landline service set up is proof of ownership of the phone number (eg. a copy of your phone bill).

Paired with text message marketing or other services from our full mobile marketing suite, Text to Landline will greatly enhance your communication and interaction with customers.

It’s a tremendous trio when you combine the powers of SMS text message marketing with ringless voicemail and Text to Landline service.

Text to Donate

Text To Donate

Easy Fundraising for Non-Profits

Text to Donate is the simplest way for non-profits to generate funds for its 501c3 organizations. Can you imagine anything simpler than sending a text message? After all, who has cash in their pockets today? And, does anybody still want to write a check, find a stamp, and drop it in a mailbox?

With Text to Donate programs from Advanced Telecom Services, qualifying non-
profits are able to process $5, $10, and $25 donations from more than 60 wireless
carriers. Funds are paid directly from the carriers to the non-profit and then the non-profit will be billed monthly for our services.

The texting solution provides a seamless experience to the donor and supporter so
they are receiving messages and processing donations on the same short code. After a text donation is confirmed, there is also a post-donation opt-in feature that allows the donor to become a subscriber so the non-profit can continue to cultivate the relationship through text message communication.

Vital to the success of any campaign, however, is a thoughtful and strategic blend of marketing, communication, and fundraising strategies. It’s not as simple as posting a short code and number and hoping for the best. That’s why you’ll also need a vendor with more than just a cursory knowledge of text message marketing. With Advanced Telecom Services’ technology, and the marketing knowledge of mobile first digital agency Purplegator, you’ll have the perfect storm of both tech and marketing savvy to make your text to donate program a success.