900 Numbers Need Automated Credit Card Tandem

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There is a movement in America to cut the chain of the land line phone.  Nearly a quarter of all American households are now cell phone only households.

More and more, Americans are relying on their cell phones as their primary means of telecommunications.  And, since cell phones in the USA have never been set up to allow 900 number calls, it’s important that pay per call programs have the ability to also earn revenue from cell phone users.

Advanced Telecom Services offers a complete automated credit card processing solution for callers who prefer to pay by credit card or debit card rather than 900 number.  The automated credit card program gives customers the ability to process high risk credit card transactions from consumers.  There is an option for built in fraud control and credit card scrubbing to limit bad debt.

Some consumers will prefer 900 numbers and some will prefer credit card processing.  If you want to get that beach house from your audio-text program, then it’s important that you offer both.

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